Popilush Dresses with Shapewear Styling Tips

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Wearing a dress seems very simple, right? All you’ve to do is pay and look the best. Honestly, we wish it was this easy putting together a nice look. The truth is, it’s not always very simple.

That’s because when you don’t style the long sleeve bodycon maxi dress properly, it can look off, and your money will be wasted. In simpler words, if you want to look amazing, you have to style the dresses properly. Ranging from using the right accessories to layering the right clothes, everything holds importance. Having said that, if you are struggling to style the dresses, we have a list of styling tips to help you!

Focus on Tailoring

We all dream of having the best dresses with shapewear that look amazing on us, right? The point is that you have to focus on purchasing a dress that fits all your curves and complements your features. In fact, it should hide the fatty areas. For this reason, it’s important to choose dresses with a tailored fitting because it helps shape the body.

We recommend using a gold-colored belt around the waist. That’s because it will make the waist look slimmer. However, if you are having issue find the right dress, Popilush has a lot of options for different figures. Still, do take out the measuring tape when you open the size chart.


The popilush reviews surely make you add dresses to the cart, but it’s not enough. That’s because when you don’t layer the clothes properly, they can look odd. In addition, layering can help you use the dress for different weathers. For instance, in cold and chilly weather, you can wear a jumper sweater and complete everything with leather boots.

However, if there are no sleeves on the dress, it’s perfect for sunny and warm days. You can wear the dress with open sandals and earrings. What you need to understand that layering is about using the same clothes in different seasons and absolutely rocking everything.

Shapewear Styling Tips


It’s common for some women to give up on earrings, bracelets, and chain. However, these accessories can really complete your look. One or two of the right accessories can help create an elevated look. To help you out, we are sharing some pointers below;

  • Use chains and belts to make the waist slimmer. It is perfect for hiding the tummy rolls.
  • Use silk scarfs to add a sophisticated touch. If you want to add colors, use a printed or bright-colored scarf.
  • Wear a thin chain around your neck. You can also opt for a small pendant as well.

The only trick is to use different accessories to make your dress look even more amazing.

Popilush Dresses

Learn about Colors & Prints

Stylish the shapewear-infused dresses might seem difficult. However, mixing different prints and colors can be helpful. If your dress is one-toned, adding a printed scarf will add dimension. This is all about breathing life into your look!

shapewear styling

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