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Jakarta the Butterfly

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Jakarta for me, some of the slum, the cry of neighbor children, quarrels between neighbor. All day was the same: the sound of food vendors and water hawkers, seeing tradespeople selling goods on credit going from one house to another with vistas of laundry lines decked out with cheap, old and worn out clothes. As the butterfly methamorfocis, those lifes similiar staying in cocoon; hot and close. for some, the window is opening intenly, slowly the wings grew as the first arc of the moon appeard. the wing opened fully when the moon form a complete circle above the horizon, radiating its cool light. 
Moon beams touched all parts of the room. let wing pum, throb, an fill. yup, those styles when pass from the cocoon to be butterfly, being free. Coz Jakarta is so free... 

Another Life

Another life in Jakarta begin from the night. night brought a different charm from day time. the whispers of the hearth teased a hidden passion. anything could happen, in the blink of an eye. After the first burst of passion, more suspect seductions would follow, moving through the blood until a sigh was heard. we could felt it, and its awesome !

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